About Me


I’m a husband, father of two little gremlins, draftsman, and a triathlete who tries to balance it all while finding time to get in the training. I am currently down close to 100 lbs since finding my love for endurance sports and the LCHF lifestyle. While I’m just the average age-grouper I’ve been fortunate enough to be a apart of Sfuels, EndureIQ, purpose Ambassador Race Team for the past 3 seasons.

How I started my Journey

I’ve always been a pretty active person, but there was a time after playing football I packed on the weight. I was coaching then and eating as if I was the one playing. I quickly became obese, pre-diabetic, and overall lived an unhealthy lifestyle. It was right around this time I accidentally fell into endurance sports.

My way into endurance sports came in the form of a SUP (stand up paddleboard). I know it’s not what people think of when they think of paddleboards and honestly, I didn’t either. My wife and I on a whim bought a paddleboard to get a little bit more active in hopes of losing a few pounds. As the inner coach in me insisted on us taking lessons before we developed bad technique (lol I know I might have a little OCD) we found a shop that offered group lessons. This is where I met a group of people who would set me down the path that I’m on today. (If you ever read this: Thank you, Frank, Sharon, and Dennis!)

Frank and Sharon owned Stand Up Paddle Life Co. and Dennis @dennis.on.celsius ran the shop and was one of the coaches. I think it might have been after the first couple of lessons I was told about the race team that they were forming. Sup, race team, who knew, but sign me up! With the direction of these Rock Stars and eventually the early morning 5 am WTF “Winter Training Fundamentals” (what were you thinking) training sessions with Dennis, I was having a blast, losing weight, and actually placing top 3 in races. It was during one of these WTF mornings on the bayou that Dennis told me about this charity bike ride for ALS that he wanted to do, and Immediately I was in. We did just a 5k run and 25mile ride the first year, after this race I thought to myself I’ve swam all my life; I could possibly do a triathlon ( the seed was planted). The next year we did the metric century ride for ALS and I was in no way prepared for what was in store for me that day. I bonked the last half ride but was able to finish with the thought of those who we were riding for. Hmmm, I might need to rethink my nutrition… Unfortunately, it took two more years of these events until I found Sfuels and the LCHF lifestyle and haven’t bonked since.

I eventually fell in love with cycling and was riding close to 100 mi a week just for my yearly ALS charity ride. It didn’t take long after that for me to enter my first Sprint race Triathlon
, and my triathlon story began.