Training and Race Recap

Week 1 went well, I was able to get in some quality training sessions with 3 rides, 1 swim, and an hour on the treadmill at max incline (while I’m still not cleared to run the incline helps get my heart rate up at a walk.) to put things into perspective on where I’m at my rides this week we’re done about 30 watts lower than I was last year maintaining zone 2 hr. Long way to go but looking forward to the journey.

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Overall the week went well and felt great to get in some quality training. Nutrition was pretty much spot on and I was able to maintain an avg of 45 total carbs a day. I have to say meal prepping for the entire week helped tremendously and kept me on track. We’ve been out of town this weekend (more on that soon 😀) ,so I was able to bring some of the pre made meals with me which has helped. When the pre made meals were not an option I was able to find a low carb option at the places we went. Usually it’s as easy as just substituting the starch for extra veggies.

As of Friday morning I was down 2.5 lbs, I’ll take it! In next weeks blog I’ll dive more into my daily macros how it aligns with that day’s training session. Let me know if that’s something you want to see.

All workouts this week were completed fasted with just a bottle of @sfuels Train. Train is formulated for endurance athletes seeking the benefits of sugar-free fueling for training efficient fat oxidation and hydration in supporting lower-intensity long endurance training sessions.

More information low carb fueling can be found by Clicking here.

Polar Vantage M2

The reason we’re on the road this weekend is to support the real triathlete of the family my 7 year old daughter! Yesterday she completed The Tampa Bay Kids Triathlon, and absolutely crushed it!! I am so proud of her and what she accomplished it’s beyond words.

The Tampa Bay Kids Triathlon is in its 8th year and is very well organized. It’s held within Adventure island (a water park)and consist of 200 meter swim down the lazy river, 1.5mi bike, and a .5mi run all on site.

The swim she said was her favorite and did it all freestyle. The bike she meet a friend and I was told they talked the entire time, so she didn’t have time to drink anything 😂. She got separated from her new BFF in transition and started the run by herself. Her run she said was ok, but for me it was everything triathlon is about.

She was doing great on the run and actually was running faster than expected when she ran up on another triathlete who was crying and had a bad cramp-in her side. My little pumpkin stopped and walked a portion of the run to help her. She told her to take deep belly breathes like I had told her a few weeks before and then after a few minutes they tried to run it out. My little one stayed with her for a little bit longer and then finished her race. BEYOND PROUD.

Her first words to me after crossing the finish line were “when’s the next one”, so we’re already looking into St. Anthony’s next month. 😁. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!!

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