Starting from Scratch

Starting from scratch.

It’s my 3rd year of triathlon and about my 10th in endurance sports, but this year feels like I’m starting all over again. The past year was a difficult one due to switching jobs and dealing with multiple injuries. Every time I would start training I would make the mistake of starting from where I left off instead of easing back into it which led to injury after injury. This is my journey back to racing!

Today is day 1 of starting from scratch!

So if you’ve been on the fence on starting your triathlon journey or getting back into it, Come Tri with me!

Over the next 4 weeks I will be easing myself back into training with a focus on low intensity rides and diet to increase my fat oxidation rate. The low intensity workouts will be dedicated by heart rate and keeping within Zone 2 (60-70% max Heart). I’ll also be mixing in a few swims, strength, and a “run” or two each week. Running for now will be more of a walk/jog at incline on the treadmill, as I’m still nursing a Morton’s neuroma ( hoping this is the last month of cortisone shots🤞).

On the diet side I’ll be going keto over the next 4 weeks and keeping my carb intake to around 50g a day (typically I’m at about 100g a day). This is for two reasons: one-to get my diet in check and two to increase my fat oxidation rate. Over the past year I’ve maintained a low carb diet, but the injuries, switching jobs, and with lack of consistent training the stress eating took its toll. Currently I’m about 25 lbs over where I’ve been racing at 😳, so let’s see how quick I can get back to race weight.

As for fuel my low intensity workouts will be done fasted with only Sfuels Train as my fuel which helps to promote fat oxidation. For recovery after my workouts I’ll be using my go to smoothie using Sfuels Rival and mixing in a few other goodies 😀. I will dive more into Sfuels in future blogs and the benefits of each product.


In the next few blogs I’ll add my workouts and daily macros to the weekly blog 😀. Let’s see where it goes!

If your starting over or just starting in triathlon hit me up and let’s do this together!

Come Tri with Me!

On a side note: While I’m starting from scratch the real triathlete of the family, my daughter (7) will be starting her last week of training! She will be doing her first race April 9th (proud dad). Her race consists of a 200 meter swim, 1.5mi bike, and .5 mi run. The next blog I’ll let you know how it goes! Btw you can go to the shop section and see some of her swimwear designs 😃.

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  1. I am definitely not a runner- as a kid I was a good sprinter but that’s where it ended. Walking is my choice of exercise these days. But one thing I noticed in your blog—the intense commitment to pursuing your goal. It made me think of the apostle Paul who wrote about striving for the highest goal of finishing this life’s race well. I hope you and your daughter do well. And thank you for visiting my blog.

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